Paid Shills For, and or, Against, Planet X Nibiru

What is Planet X Nibiru?  (I am not an authority)
One of the top results for that search is over at 
Since I first read about it, in about 2002, I think it was… I check back every few years to see how it is dong. I’m not positive, but I think it was supposed to have, pretty much, taken us out, a few times since then. Well, we’re still here… And it is not… Yet… But, when you’re trying to calculate a 3600-something year orbital rotation. You’re bound to be off by a few years.
Well, I was just at the aforementioned site, From my google search “Planet X Nibiru” After about a year since I last searched that subject. Whether or not the above site, is the same site, I visited from previous searches regarding the subject? I just can’t say.

So… I was reading up a bit on the latest… Like many sites, they have a comment section below the story. And sometimes, the comments can be more entertaining than the story itself. Especially if the site allows flaming. There seems to be a feud between a user named “Confederate” (I think it is) and a user named “Anonymous”. Every time Confederate says something defamatory or derogatory to the story, Anonymous answers back, calling Confederate a “Paid Shill”, 

I just joined  and gave myself the user name of “Masked and Anonymous” From my favorite Bob Dylan movie I have never seen. (All the way though anyway… About 2 Weeks ago, I saw the last 1/2 hour for the very first time. I hope to see it all the way through one of these days). 
I submitted the subsequent poem as a story at: 
I don’t think they’re going to publish it though. The moderators have had it for 4 hours now. But I did include the word Whoop-de-fucking-do. So I guess I can’t blame them.  
Well, here it is
Subject: 2012
Title: Paid Shills For, and or, Against, Planet X Nibiru

I would get a thrill out of being a paid shill
But still…
Joist as Planet X Nibiru must have been
Back in 2010…
To keep it from taking US out in 2012
Let us delve…
Does that mean it is void of existence?
Why No… Just passing through resistance!
Like urine in the bladder of a man with an enlarged prostrate
If there is life after death, in a few years, we can sit-in on a seance, with a Medium, Charles Manson and Sharon Tate
I was really scared in 2002,
The last palindromic year until 2112, when, according to Rush, the meek shall inherit thee Earth!
Can we make it another 99 years?
Through all of the pain, poverty, greed, death insanity, anxiety and fears…
99… The slightly below average IQ of mare than just a few…
142… A genius, whoop-de-fucking-do…
It is not going to save you!
Oh Planet X Nibiru, Oh Planet X Nibiru, Wherefore art thou?
Are you out creating a new constellation that looks like an oxen and a plow?
I heard one moron say you were between us and the Sun.
I like having invisible fun!
Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it is not there.
It is in another dimension
One of demolished comprehension
One of the deaf, dumb and blind
One where we left our foresight behind
One where the meat of the watermelon is in the rind
One where you can sit on your ass, be a paid shill, instead of out working on the grind.

by the Bastard of Doggerel and Disastrous Head Poetaster over @ evilCozPoetry

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Night Habit (Lasts 36 Hours)


To the tune of White Rabbit
By Grace Slick

Night Habit (Lasts 36 Hours)
By Clive

One Pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you hard
And the ones that your brother gives you
Keeps your dick like fucking lard (That fucking rat bastard with his saltpeter thinks he is so God damned funny)
Go take Cialis
When your soft and small
And if you go with humping habits
And you’re always so soft and small
Go tell your fuckmate to wait a minute
evilCoz you’ve got to go take a pill
Take Cialis
When your soft and small
Gay men on the lez bored
get off and tell you where to go
And now your dick is like a mushroom
Never mind about getting blown
Go take Cialis
I think you’ll grow
When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy head
And your white knight is erect four hours
And the sirens quiet cause you’re dead
Remember what the side effects said
Now you’re dead
Now you’re dead

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Blistering Cold

Blistering Cold
By Clive

Now I don’t mind the word blistering 
And I don’t mind the word cold
But I hate the word blistering
When it is followed by the word cold
And I hate the word cold
When it is preceded
By the word blistering

Blistering Cold

That is a phrase I hate
I Bet they get a lot of it
Up in the Bering Strait

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Dear Pogo Backgammon

Here is my most recent letter to pogo backgammon. There have been others. And I think I have already sent a slightly less appended to version of this one to them. 
Dear Pogo Backgammon,
Could you please ban my IP address of **.***.***.**?
Because I am so addicted to your sick ass bullshit. It makes me as sick as a really sick ass bull. One that is about ready to die from mad cow disease.
Here, allow me to copy and paste one of my previous writings that accurately describes the way I still feel.
I gotta say, pogo dice are so full of fucking dog shit, man. They roll against all odds and bark out near impossibilities on a regular bases.
Why don’t you come up with something that is a little closer to real?
At this point in time, if I ever came across the fuck wad program writer who wrote that stupid ass dice animator program for backgammon. I would pop him/her in the face with a punch… And throw a full glass of Hawaiian Punch mixed with corrosive acid in his/her face. And… And… Make like he/she is an inflatable Bozo the Clown punching bag. And… And… Poke a pen in him/her. Like 64 times. And then I would keep squeezing off at places above and or below the leaks, so I could get multiple strangulations and popping stabs in.
Like fucking bubble wrap bitch.
I would do all of this until all that was left of him/her was thousands of little pieces of plastic.
You fuckers are so plastic and stealing my real time. And I hate you for it. And it makes me mime murderous mutations. I have already killed 2 monitors and mutated 3 blind mice into 4 dead mouses.
Not to mention, which I am, I sincerely believe there must be some kind of subliminally addictive code written and hid in your pages. Which if my sincere beliefs are true. I think that has to be illegal. And then a big law suit would be in order. 
Now if that isn’t enough to get me banned.
I can think of a lot more!
P.S. Maybe you could hook me up with some counseling?
Here is one I wrote after I tried to take one of their surveys.
Dear Pogo,
I went ahead and started your retarded survey.
Until it got to a question about playing pogo with children in my household.
I do not have any children in my household.
So I clicked none.
And then an additional drop down (question) asks for my children’s ages.
I didn’t answer because I already clicked "none" on the previous question and "none’ is not an answer on the next "forced" drop down with different ages of the children I don’t have.
So as I just said…
I tried to move on to the next question and couldn’t because of an error for not answering the last question…

Now it is my turn to ask a question.

How fucking retarded is that?
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Shit Bird

Shit Bird
By Clive

When I saw Mia Farrow,
I just had to ask:

Whatever happened to the sparrow
That flew up Woody Allen’s Ass?


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Raven Winter

You can actually read along with me on this one if you like.

Raven Winter

By Clive

One Raven Winter in Iowa

About to hit harder than the electric ice                                                                                                                                              

Aurora Borealis

Asked for just one thing nice

Stepped out on a limb

Made it twice


A fugitive on the lamb

Lost and donating

To the rivers

Of the Damned


Somewhere there may be a bird of prey falling

Or could it be a Phoenix calling

From a street on fire




Times the fortune

Of a few, how many more have

Brought the delight that you boasted in the

Flight of talent, A wave for the future, Our life not to see


To revel in glee, 


If only in the moment of,

One Raven Winter in Iowa


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